Dan Kitchener x Wynwood Walls Tech Face Mask, Streets of Neon

Dan Kitchener, aka DANK, is a British artist whose work has a gritty urban theme, taken from everyday life and the surroundings and environment he experiences daily. In his work, he uses a variety of mediums: spray paint, paint markers, stencils, and paint for canvases. He also produces a lot of digital paintings and illustrations which again follow similar themes: lonely urban landscapes, punctuated by flickering, faulty streetlights, high-rise flats rising from misty horizons over concrete grey skies. 

Kitchener started painting streets when he was a teenager, trying out tagging, copying the New York style graffiti he saw on TV and in books. Without much success, but with the tools available, he couldn't achieve the level of work he wanted to, so he put graffiti on the back burner in favor of other techniques. He eventually picked up a can again with renewed enthusiasm and confidence and began his journey that lasted for over 10 years, using the spray can to express himself on huge walls all over the world. 


Customer Reviews

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Love this mask. Should’ve got small though. Next order.

Christina C.
I absolutely adore this mask

This mask is the BEST. Incredibly breathable, amazing design, comfortable around the ears and no fog from my glasses. My sister tried mine on then bought 10 for her family. Absolutely love it.

Alexandria M.
Must haves

These masks fit great, they are breathable while being fun and supporting the arts! Wore ours to Disneyworld.

Well made mask in truly nice patterns and colors

These are masks that actually fit your face. They come in different sizes and that allows to choose the one that fits securely. I love that the design has a seam right over the nose, a wire to adjust to your face and there is another seam by the chin. You could say that these masks are contoured. The only reason why I didn't give the review a 5 starts it's because I still find it hard to breathe with it. Maybe that is just me. I love the fabric is soft and washes well without loosing shape or color. In summary. I recommend these masks.

Fun & Funky

These are the best masks on the market and the Wynwood Walls designs are really fun and funky.