How Enro Face Masks are Great for Running & Working Out

Masks for running and working out

After months of trying to work out at home, you may be itching to get back to the gym, even if that means working out while wearing a face mask. Workouts are hard enough without having to worry about constantly adjusting a slipping mask, stifled breathing, and your mask quickly getting damp with your breath and sweat. Sounds awful, right? Well, if you’ve experienced any of these issues, it’s because you weren’t using the best face mask for running and working out.

Because we believe in helping everyone live their lives to the fullest, even during times like these, we’ve crafted our masks to be easy to wear, no matter what you’re doing — including exercising. With our ultra-lightweight, ultra-breathable materials, each of our reusable masks helps you to breath well and excel through every mile, rep, class, and activity, so you don’t have to miss out on your favorite workouts.

And while it may seem easier to just forgo a mask entirely, it’s important to wear one, especially in enclosed spaces like gyms. If you’re carrying a virus, it can easily be spread when you breathe into the air around you. The more and harder you breathe (like you do when you work out), the more you’ll expose your fellow gym-goers to whatever germs you may be carrying. Plus, if you don’t mask up, you’ll be more vulnerable to their germs as well.

If you want to be safe and breathe well while visiting the gym, we recommend stocking up on masks made for working out, like our effortlessly comfortable and effective options.

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What to Look For in a Face Mask For Working Out

Masks for working out

When looking for the best face mask for exercising, here are a few attributes that you’ll want to take into consideration:

Fit & Size

Properly fitting masks are not only more comfortable, but they also offer the best protection against viruses and contaminants. The perfect mask for working out will fit snugly to your face, so you don’t have to continually adjust it and so it won’t get sucked into your mouth every time you breathe. This is especially important for your children so they can wear a kids mask that fits for their sports games.


Working out is already uncomfortable without something blocking you from getting all the air you need. Reusable face masks made of lightweight, synthetic materials like Enro’s innovative fabrics will offer you the best breathability while on the run or exercising.


Don’t let an uncomfortable face mask prevent you from achieving peak performance — our soft fabrics, customizable features, and specially engineered 3D shape ensure a comfortable mask wearing experience that won’t have you adjusting or removing it mid-workout.


The best mask for working out doesn’t have to cost a fortune. By buying just a few high quality reusable face masks made for effortless wear and care, you can wash and re-wear them every day of the week without having to buy more, or worry about running out.


Because masks are a crucial tool in slowing the spread of illness, its effectiveness in blocking viruses and contaminants is its most important attribute. With 3 layers that incorporate an impressive PM0.1 filter, Enro masks are great at blocking some of the smallest and nastiest particles you encounter, so you can conquer your workout with confidence knowing we’ve got you covered.

Common Pain Points of Wearing a Mask While Working Out & How Enro Masks Can Help

masks for working out

My Mask Falls Off My Face When I Run

The last thing you need when trying to focus on your run is a mask that keeps slipping down with every few strides, causing you to continually disrupt your rhythm when you slow down or stop to adjust it.

We crafted every Enro style to be the best mask for running with a bendable nose wire and adjustable ear loops that help you achieve a snug, custom fit that stays put, no matter how fast or how far you’re jogging. We even engineered a range of sizes to fit faces big and small, because everyone deserves a comfortable face mask that works.

It’s Hard to Breathe In a Mask When I’m Working Out Hard

Imagine you’re 30 minutes into your hour-long workout and already breathing hard, but you can’t seem to get a good breath in because your heavy, non-breathable face mask is stifling your airflow and is constantly being sucked into your mouth every time you inhale. An experience like this would have anyone running to the door to get even one breath of fresh air — but it doesn’t have to be like this.

When it comes to exercise, you can leave your cotton and disposable masks at home. We set out to make the best workout mask possible with a light, ultra-breathable fabric that is so comfortable to wear, you’ll forget you have it on. Plus, with our PM0.1 filter technology, it still offers a high level of protection, even though it’s easier to breathe through.

And for when you need added protection from your mask getting sucked into your mouth and nose, we created our Aerolite mask bracket to sit between your mask and face, giving you even more breathability for your toughest workouts.

My Mask Is Uncomfortable and Itchy While I’m Sweating

No matter how fit you are, you can expect to work up a sweat while exercising, and faces often sweat a lot — which makes the idea of having a cloth covering half of it seem very uncomfortable. With a normal cotton or disposable mask, it may get damp and cling to your face, causing it to become hot and itchy, distracting you from doing and being your best.

We know how important your comfort is during all parts of your day, which is why we worked hard to source the lightest, most comfortable fabrics to use in our Enro masks. They’re made for easy breathing and easier wearing, so your mask won’t disrupt you from excelling in everything you do.

The fabrics we sourced for our masks also come in a variety of colors and patterns to match your personality, outfit, or even mood, with our best-selling Active Face Masks made to seamlessly integrate with your favorite workout gear.

My Face Mask Is Dirty After I Work Out

A good workout makes you sweat, which often also means getting a little smelly. The first thing you want to do when you get home is throw whatever you’re wearing straight into the wash. If you wore a mask, it probably got a little sweaty too, making it feel damp and dirty on your face.

The good thing about Enro reusable face masks is that they’re just that — reusable. So whenever yours gets dirty, damp, or smelly, you can throw them into the wash along with the rest of your gym clothes. We even made sure that the PM0.1 filter maintains its superior effectiveness up to 100 washes, so you can wash, wear, and repeat countless times without worrying.

And while the inconvenience of having to wash a mask after a workout may lead you to consider using disposable masks, we don’t recommend this. Aside from being generally more uncomfortable and distracting to wear, they’re also bad for the planet. Using washable masks  helps to protect the environment from the massive amounts of waste and pollution caused by the manufacturing, shipping, and disposal of single-use masks.

I Don’t Know If My Mask Is Protecting Me At The Gym

A question that may be running through your head as you try your best to work out with your face covered is: “Is this worth it?” or “Is this really keeping me or others safe?”

While some cotton and disposable masks may not offer much protection to you or those around you, we crafted our Enro masks to have superior effectiveness with our PM0.1 filter trapping even the smallest of particles. In fact, our masks trap and filter out over 99% of bacteria, viruses, and particles as small as 0.1 microns according to tests run by industry-leading laboratories, so you can work out without worry — we’ve got you covered.

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Wearing a face mask doesn’t have to ruin your workout. With Enro’s lightweight, breathable fabrics, adjustable features, superior filter technology, and machine washability, we’ve built the best masks for running and working out. Shop our variety of designs and sizes, so you can conquer every workout with ease.

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