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Not one size fits all

I was very surprised that this bracket seems to have nothing to do with the shape of size of the enro masks, it fits the child size but it's way too small even for my size small mask. It's uncomfortable, leaves a line all around my mouth/nose, and there's no way to secure it to the mask so when you take your mask off it just falls out unless you hold on to it separately.

Curv Mask

I love the Curv mask, especially for Pilates class. The mask stays off my face, while still giving me full coverage and a seal. Thank you for making these!

Trendy Pattern Face Mask - Tech

Best fitting mask for young child

These have been beloved by my kids— they are comfortable, provide a good seal, and the kids are happy to wear them all day. They’ve washed well with no signs of wear.

Not a Cougar

This design makes me feel good. I’m 77, and wearing it, I do not look like some cougar’s mother!


Quick, efficient, and good quality.

very comfortable with close fit

Best masks

Love it

Great mask

Tech mask

These masks fit so well! They’re all I will wear!


Comfortable, stays on, fog proof for those with glasses, and I can breath

I feel pretty Safe with Enro

I was using only KN 95’s until I found out about Enro.

A great mask!

The mask is very well made, breathable and comfortable on my face.

Practically perfect

Comfortable all day and a perfect fit plus super cute patterns

Enro Active Face Mask - Tech

Enro makes the very best masks! I have many tech masks because they're effective (when worn correctly, over the nose), comfortable, very easy to clean (washer and dryer), and I love the patterns! I can wear these masks with my glasses and my glasses rarely fog up. I continue to wear them because I want to avoid any and all viruses.

Very comfortable.

Masks are the most breathable!

Been wearing these masks everyday at work and they are by far the most breathable and comfortable mask out there!

So Comfy!

Bought this on the advice of my daughter as she loves hers! I used it in a long plane ride (6 hours) and was able to breathe easily. Most importantly, I made the trip out and back safely and with my health intact! Easy to hand wash or throw in the washing machine, hang dry and be ready for wearing again. Happy with my purchase as was my hubs.

Comfortable and effective

I wear N95s and KN95s on planes and they are so much less comfortable than my Enro masks. I have not caught covid while wearing Enro masks, even in crowded classrooms. They’re attractive and reassuring.

Wild Ones Face Mask - Curv

Absolutely Love This Mask

I adore this mask - Enros have kept us efficiently protected so far this Pandemic and I love the stylishness of the Wynwood Walls collection :-)

Best mask

These are comfortable, effective and well-constructed masks. They are the best ones I have ever tried.

Comfortable and easy to wear for extended period

Favorite masks

Enro masks are comfortable and attractive and make me feel safer indoors with groups of people. The Wirecutter review and my own experience being exposed while teaching and in yoga classes makes me reasonable confident they work quite well.

My husband loves this

Perfect fit and style. Thanks!