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Not one size fits all

I was very surprised that this bracket seems to have nothing to do with the shape of size of the enro masks, it fits the child size but it's way too small even for my size small mask. It's uncomfortable, leaves a line all around my mouth/nose, and there's no way to secure it to the mask so when you take your mask off it just falls out unless you hold on to it separately.

Solid Face Mask - Curv

Love it!

These are the very best masks!

The Best Fit

This is an expertly designed mask. It fits so well at the nose that my glasses don’t fog over. The fabric holds up over many months of use. This is my second Enro Curv mask…I lost the first one when it was more than a year old and it was still in perfect condition.

Great Coverage and Comfortable

I really like the way ENRO-TECH masks fit. The masks provide full coverage, just as pictured, and the fabric is lightweight enough so I don't feel like I'm struggling to breath. The straps have stretch and are soft behind my ears, and the adjuster can't fall off because there's a small ball guard to keep the adjuster secure.

Previous mask brands that I purchased guaranteed that they were perfect for eyeglass wearers, but failed. So I find it particularly wonderful that ENRO - TECH masks DO NOT cause my eyeglasses to become foggy.

My only quip is the cost for a single mask. With less people wearing masks because of COVID restrictions decreasing around the US, I would think that all prices for masks would have dropped significantly, but ENRO has maintained its prices. So for my first purchase I took advantage of the discount offered to first time customers, as well as the small discount that ENRO offers for purchasing three or more mask (I bought 4-masks for my first purchase). Nonetheless, I will buy additional masks in the future and recommend ENRO to others.

Enro mask

They fit and are comfortable. What else could you ask for?!

Great mask

Comfortable; full coverage

My new Enro mask

I like my solid blue Enro mask. I love that I can wash it every night and wear it for 100 days.

Mask mate lanyard

Perfectly made, it keeps the mask loops away from your ears.

Very comfortable!



If you have to wear masks, this is the best.

Solid Face Mask - Curv

fits well, breathable and the designs were fantastic, superior to other masks I've tried that were N95

Very nice

Fits well, is comfortable, I like the adjustable ear loops

The best

Enro is the best. Aside from looking nice they are well made and breathable. I highly recommend Enro for adults and children!

Most comfortable

These masks are not only good looking but very comfortable. The straps are adjustable. They seem to work very well and our glasses no longer fog up while wearing them. Highly recommend.


This was the second order of masks for my husband and I. They are the most comfortable, fit the best with the different sizes, and can be worn with glasses and no fogging. We always keep one in case it is needed.

Great fit, very breathable

So happy to find a mask that is perfect (for me, at least). It fits great (the sizing instructions are completely reliable), no air leaks from the top (or around the nose, glasses do not fog), or the sides, or the bottom (there's an under-the-chin section). The ear loops are adjustable to get a perfect fit, it is light weight and extremely breathable. I am able to wear it for hours with no discomfort at all (so comfy I did not even notice the loop wasn't completely under my earlobe when I took the photos). I really like the color, too.

Geometric Face Mask - Curv

Quality, form, comfort, style

Enro has it all. I love their form, colors, fit and quality. They are breathable and last. I highly recommend them.

Comfortable fit

I’ve been using Enro Tech masks since before the holidays and find them very comfortable. My husband and I will be traveling, so decided to order some for him too.

Still great as ever!

Well fitting, comfortable and easy to use what more can you ask for from a mask.
Thanks for still providing this resource.

The Best

This is the best face mask we've used; very comfortable.

Right Fit

My husband and I had to downsize from previous order and it made a world of difference. We are so satisfied with our masks. They feel so much lighter and “breathable” than other masks I have needed to wear due to my job. Feel so grateful to ENRO for staying with their vision to come up with a very safe, effective mask for many of us long hour wearers.

It’s the most comfortable mask I’ve worn!