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Great fit, very breathable

So happy to find a mask that is perfect (for me, at least). It fits great (the sizing instructions are completely reliable), no air leaks from the top (or around the nose, glasses do not fog), or the sides, or the bottom (there's an under-the-chin section). The ear loops are adjustable to get a perfect fit, it is light weight and extremely breathable. I am able to wear it for hours with no discomfort at all (so comfy I did not even notice the loop wasn't completely under my earlobe when I took the photos). I really like the color, too.

Holiday Cheer Face Mask - Tech
Kim L.
The ONLY MASK my daughter will wear!

My 5 year old daughter will only wear Enro Masks! We have tried many other bands and she finds them all uncomfortable! We literally buy these masks every few months! This mask has kept her safe during the the pandemic! She should be one of your child models for the company because she is a customer that truly loves the product and can say it works! Thank from the bottom of a scared pandemic mom’s heart!

Absolutely Love This Mask

I adore this mask - Enros have kept us efficiently protected so far this Pandemic and I love the stylishness of the Wynwood Walls collection :-)

So Good we bought a bunch more, to use while out with our terminally ill child.

We had bought 5 assorted masks, 2 for me (L tech and curve), 2 Medium for my wife and 12 yr old (1 curve 1 tech). And a Small Tech that didn't fit anyone. We loved them so much after a couple of months that we ordered 5 more. but all good sizes, mixed curve and tech again. So now i have a tech and 2 curves (my fav) and my wife has the same in Medium and my daughter 3 curves in Med. We love them, especially the Crurve's ability to keep the mask away from your mouth. I should mention that my daughter has a terminal muscular condition (SMA Type 1) and can't move at all. She also has a wider face than the rest of us due to that. She cant control if she licks the inside of other masks, But this is not an issue with the curve. We cant say enough how we love them even though we are on a tight budget (and get blue single-use ones Free from the system) they are worth the extra cost. My wife and i find we can walk up hills at pace with heavy breathing while pushing a 12 yr old in a 5ft long chair (she is horizontal) and still breathe well and not be sucking our masks in to our mouths :) beautiful masks guys ty. We obviously still use them even now in Oct 2022 since we have used masks for over 10 years when in shops and crowds and need them now more than ever going into another Covid wave and Flu season (even if we are all vaccinated). it's just not worth us getting anything as my daughter may not survive if we do. The photo is us out Last week for the first time in over 2 1/2 years (pumpkin festival). Thank you Enro...

This mask saved my friends

Back in April I caught COVID. I didn't realize it for about a week because I kept testing negative. But I assumed I had a cold and didn't want to give that to anyone else, so I stayed masked up outside of my house.

I spent an evening with friends one night while wearing this mask. Those friends were eating and drinking and taking their own masks on and off. The next morning I tested positive for COVID and panicked. I got in touch with those friends and made sure they tested and such. Not only did they all test negative, but not a single one had so much as a sniffle.

So thank you, enro! You kept my friends safe and healthy when I needed you most!

Enro new design

Our kids say it’s much easier to breathe and fit their face better. It can be pretty hot during the hot summer but they can wear comfortably throughout the day.


As promise the Enro Face Mask Tech is super lightweight and very confortable to wear. Being super light, makes me worried about effectiveness but I guess is better than having just a regular cloth face mask. It’s breathable and I really like how it fits my face. It was a great purchase.

Fashion Floral Face Mask, Blue Bouquet - Curv
Constance P.
A Beautiful Fit

Enro masks have become my favorite, for the comfort, for the style, and especially for the protection they offer. I can’t see myself getting another brand. The masks are lightweight, the adjustable ear loops ensure a perfect fit, and the quality is apparent at every level. The Curv style gives my mouth room when I talk, and even yawning does not displace the mask. I will buy more in future.

Solid Face Mask, Lavender Purple - Tech
Linda C.
Love my mask!

A perfect fit finally😊

Solid Face Mask, Lavender Purple - Tech
Danielle W.
Love it

I have enjoyed all of the masks purchased with Enro.

Geometric Face Mask, Navy - Curv
Jason H.
This masks protects you in the most crowded & diverse conditions

I wore this mask on a 1 week business trip to Dubai. This mask proved itself in so many situations. The mask was easy to breath through and allowed clear communication through two 14-hour flights. The mask was light enough to survive wearing it outdoors 8+ hrs a day in 85+ degree heat. Most importantly, this mask protected me during several long and incredibly packed metro rides where I was in 200+ person subway cars where there was very little social distancing available. A week on I came back with a negative PCR test. This mask proved itself and I'm buying more ASAP!

Chinese New Year Face Mask, Blooming Tiger - Tech
Great mask, awesome pattern

This mask are great. They're lightweight and has an awesome pattern. Outstanding customer service support.

Active Face Mask, Technicolor - Tech
Technicolour tech mask

Love my ENRO masks! So breathable and light.

Solid Face Mask, Electric Orange - Tech

New outdoor mask just in time for warmer temps

Kelsey Montague x Wynwood Walls Face Mask, Wynwood 2019

Love this mask. Should’ve got small though. Next order.

Solid Face Mask, Bright Pink - Curv
Angela S.
I LOVE these masks! Curv is the best upgrade.

Honestly, the original fit wasn’t my favorite. But, the Curv style fits my entire family GREAT. The way the mask cinches as you tighten the ear loops is brilliant. They are our new favorite mask.

Game Face Face Mask, Triangle - Tech
Dani V.

As always, love these masks. Fit comfortably, covers my face leaving no gaps. Filtered is a plus. Designed well. Have multiple and will continue to buy more. Highly recommend

Active Face Mask, Blue - Tech
Jodi F.
Amazing fit and comfort

Most comfortable and well fitted mask I have tried and breathes most easily while feeling secure and snug.

I can breathe easier!

I work for a major health system here in Cleveland, OH and volunteer to help take the load off some. I worked the vaccination clinic kiosk and wear my Enro mask with the aerolite and it definitely made a difference in keeping the mask/material off my face. Much more comfortable. I did have an impression on my face from the device after 5 hours, however, I’d rather have a minor impression of than difficulty breathing. Thanks Enro!

Active Face Mask, Pink - Tech
Catherine F.
Good fit, doesn't fog glasses

Mask is comfortable and doesn't fog my glasses. Straps are easy to adjust. I measured according to the size guide video and the mask fits well.

Solid Face Mask, Lavender Purple - Tech
Katherine S.
Best Masks!

I bought these for the whole family on the recommendation of NYTimes Wirecutter as we prepared to go back to school and they are amazing. Not many masks fit my small 4 year olds face but the XXS fits perfectly. They are light and breathable and I feel better sending her to school in these once they re-open.

Solid Face Mask, Dark Gray Pearl - Curv
Nadja J.
New favorite mask!

Finally found my gold standard mask, have already ordered more of this same style in other colors.

Active Face Mask, Pink - Curv
Excellent Update

In 2020, I purchased 8 of the Tech fit Enro masks for work. They’ve been worn and washed many times and have maintained their shape and absolute comfort. When Curv came out, I was hesitant because I was already so happy with Tech. They had a sale one weekend and I thought, well, why not. I am glad I did. Curv is an excellent update to an already outstanding product. The embedded casing structure truly does keep the fabric further from the face without becoming too heavy or causing irritation to the surrounding skin (my major complaint with separate silicone cages), as it is within the fabric. Speaking is easier, and yes, you can wear chapstick underneath without the mask getting sticky. When I require replacements for my current Techs, Curv’s will be the ones I get. Kudos, Enro!

Wild Ones Face Mask, Butterflies - Tech
Kim K.
My kids (and me!) love these masks!

Comfy, adjustable, and fun patterns. What else is there to love … everything!

Active Face Mask, Pink - Curv
curv much better for those of us who are claustrophobic

I liked the lightness of Enro's original active mask, but couldn't stand it touching my nose and lips. This new Curv model solves that problem. I bought these because I haven't been able to get Happy Masks--which I love--for a year, and these seem a good substitute. I'm 5'9" F with a big head and the large works for me; most women I suspect would be S or M.

Pic shown is the active light gray, I got a few colors.