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Get your first mask for $10 with HELLOENRO, plus free US shipping on orders over $35!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Based on 1445 reviews
Solid Face Mask
Cassandra H.

I have several face masks, but when u see one that's different from the norm, I tend to purchase it based on that difference. I especially love the adjustable earbands.

Solid Face Mask
Rachel G.
Great purchase!

These masks are great! Have recommended to friends and family. Wore for 6+ hours at Disneyland and was still comfortable.

Based on measurements I ordered a medium. Fits comfortably.

I absolutely adore this mask

This mask is the BEST. Incredibly breathable, amazing design, comfortable around the ears and no fog from my glasses. My sister tried mine on then bought 10 for her family. Absolutely love it.

Must haves

These masks fit great, they are breathable while being fun and supporting the arts! Wore ours to Disneyworld.

Active Face Mask
Krista F.
Comfy, breathable and fun

I love these masks. No or minimal glasses fogging, no ear pain, breathable, fits well, doesn't fall down... Honestly, I'll be a bit sad when we are done with masks and I don't get to use these anymore!

My "daily driver" mask

After trying one of these masks, I ordered four more, then ordered more for my husband and got my best friend to buy some too! I can BREATHE in these. I don't feel claustrophobic, even when I'm sweating in a yoga class. I am fully vaccinated, so I don't feel the need for a KF94-level mask anymore when I'm out and about, but I like that the ENRO masks have a melt-blown polypropylene filter sewn in. These are also the only masks where I don't have to loop the ear loop over the sidepiece of my glasses to keep my glasses in place, and my glasses NEVER fog up. I also don't have to constantly adjust the mask once it's on - it stays up, it stays down, it doesn't slide around. Yes, these masks cost more than some others, but I expect to get at least 100 uses out of each one. I also expect there will be situations going forward where a mask will make me feel more comfortable - flu season, crowds, traveling - so having masks that fit me just right is important.

Geometric Face Mask
Terrence M.

Such a very comfortable mask. I can breathe and my glasses does not fog up.

Love these masks!!!

First order, I ordered 3 masks. I ended up giving away to family because they loved how breathable they were even with the filters. And they’re washable! Second order I ordered 3 more and got one free! I highly recommend!

Love my masks 👍🏻

These masks are awesome! Very comfy and breathable. I have a few. I wash them after every use and they are still in top shape. You can't go wrong with these masks!

Comfortable Masks

Active Face Mask
Best masks for my son and I

The Enro masks fit my son and I perfectly around the nose, face and chin! They feel safe with the pm 0.1 filter and are very breathable, easy to take care of! I think the only thing I would do differently is make the ear strap a little thicker to prevent ear fatigue, other than that I have not found a more comfortable better fitting mask! Thank you Enro! We are visiting my mom first time in over a year and used Enro masks for our first plane ride in SO long!

Great product

Wore these for travel and were very pleased. Easy to wash nightly in the hotel sink too.

Well made mask in truly nice patterns and colors

These are masks that actually fit your face. They come in different sizes and that allows to choose the one that fits securely. I love that the design has a seam right over the nose, a wire to adjust to your face and there is another seam by the chin. You could say that these masks are contoured. The only reason why I didn't give the review a 5 starts it's because I still find it hard to breathe with it. Maybe that is just me. I love the fabric is soft and washes well without loosing shape or color. In summary. I recommend these masks.

Fun & Funky

These are the best masks on the market and the Wynwood Walls designs are really fun and funky.

My favorite masks by far!!!

I live my Enro masks. They are comfortable, fit well, and look great. I’ve bought them fit my whole family and will continue to wear them for a long time.

Love this mask!

I love everything about this mask! The fit, the design, the light weight material, and how it doesn't fog up my eyeglasses as much as my other masks. I also got the Aero filters, they fit perfectly with any of the Enro mask to have extra breathability.

Great material

Awesome mask I ever found. I have bought so many but this one is out of all the best. Fits perfectly, washing and drying is very quick.

Love These!

I saw this mask on IG and decided to try it. I love it and have ordered more. I’ve run in them, and I’ve spent a lot of time in them. Very comfortable!

A must have!!


This mask is so beautiful! It's made so well and it's the perfect accessory to my wardrobe! Comfortable and protective! I highly recommend this mask to any woman who wants a comfortable stylish mask.

Active Face Mask
Jessica F.
THE mask of the year

I went to a part of the country where mask wearing was mandated and I just knew I really wanted to breathe. I loved the fact that there were so many size options with Enro, and they honestly are more breathable. After I ordered 2 I only waited a week and ordered 3 more. I love these masks! I told several friends about them, and then they ordered some as well. These masks speak for themselves....once you try them, you will be convinced.

Best mask for fit, comfort, and breathing

I have continued to try new masks that are very comfortable to wear and these are the best. The fact that you can select from so many different sizes is perfect. Mask does not fall down your face like you see so many others do. Adjustable ears and nose clip make them fit perfectly. Glasses do not fog either.
So many colors to choose from too. Highly recommend this mask to all.

Enro changed my family’s lives!

I was thinking that there had to be a better option for masking, so I began researching reviews for masks companies by medical professionals on YouTube. This mask got great reviews for fit, protection, breathability. It’s all that and then some! It’s a soft material that is nicely designed to sweep down on the cheeks, but with the generous bar to seal the bridge of the nose as well as the seam to hold it away from your face, my glasses do not fog up and I can breathe. If I take a deep breath in the mask will move towards my face, which tells me it’s working to filter and seal out outside air. It is treated with an anti-viral product too. We love these masks!

Super comfortable

Wore these for 12 hours outside on a hot Orlando day and didn’t even notice I had them on! Highly recommend!

Tie dyed mask blue only

The blue tie dye mask is the best color (only color worth getting in my opinion) and of course the mask it’s self awesome. So breathable and a perfect fit. Size Adult small