Tips for Matching Your Face Mask to Your Outfit

Match Face Masks With Your Outfit

While face masks are a vital tool in helping keep you and your community safe from viruses and various allergy-causing contaminants, they can also play a more fun and creative role in your day-to-day life as a fashion accessory. We get it — they probably aren’t the first thing you think of when deciding on accessories to upgrade your outfit, but if you have to wear one anyways, why not make it a fashionable face mask?

The latest trend in face mask fashion is matching it with your outfits. By adding a few patterns and colors to your collection, you can easily pair your masks to pretty much any look, whether you want it to seamlessly blend with your outfit, or provide a little statement-making pop of color. Whatever you’re envisioning, our collection of best-selling, top-rated Enro masks has the perfect option for your wardrobe.

Our Tips for Matching Face Masks to Your Outfit

When looking for stylish face masks to upgrade your collection, you don’t need to turn to expensive designers and flashy logos to get the job done — our expansive collection of Enro reusable masks has a range of affordable choices to fit every tip on our list, while also complementing your personal style.

Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic looks — or outfits that incorporate all the same or very similar colors — are a huge trend right now because they’re simple, sleek, and chic. Plus, finding a face mask to match is super easy for both men and women. All you need to do is choose a solid mask in a versatile color that can mix and match with a variety of outfits in a similar color scheme.

If you have a few favorite colors in your wardrobe that you like to wear often, buying a solid face mask to match can be a great way to elevate your style. Our best-selling collection of solids has a variety of shades you can effortlessly integrate into your wardrobe.

Neutral Colors

neutral face masks

One trend that pretty much never goes out of style is neutral tones. These subtle, ultra-versatile shades of black, white, grey, and light brown are essential to every wardrobe because of how effortless they are to pair with pretty much any look without clashing. If you want your face mask to seamlessly blend with your outfit, sticking to neutral tones is an easy way to do that. Plus, just a few options in your collection can coordinate perfectly with an infinite number of looks, no matter what your style is.

Match Your Accessories

For the more adventurous fashionistas among us, matching your face mask to your accessories is a bolder way to incorporate this safety essential into your style. Whether you’re wearing a brightly colored belt, a stylish headband, a cool pair of shoes, or a scarf or tie with a standout pattern, choosing a mask that coordinates with your accessories makes a striking statement.

We love this trend because there is so much freedom in it — you can either coordinate your look by print or color, giving you endless options for blending your mask with your favorite outfits. Just have fun with it! With our focus on unique prints and vibrant shades, Enro has a multitude of masks to meet your style needs.

Mix Patterns

Mix Patterns Face Mask
Incorporating prints and patterns into your wardrobe is an easy way to instantly embolden any look. If you’re wearing a solid, neutral outfit, try pairing a bright, patterned mask for a pop of print that makes an impact.

And while you may have heard that you should never wear print on print, there’s a stylish way to pair patterns so that they don’t clash (and actually look really good together). To become a print mix master, make sure to pair similar prints that have a coordinating color scheme. It’s also important to vary the scales — mix a delicate pattern with one that has a bold, oversized motif.

Now that you know the print mix playbook, there are a ton of ways you can blend patterned face masks with your outfits. For example, if you love florals, reach for a floral face mask in similar tones for a double dose of joyful print. The options are endless: Check out our collection of patterned face masks to find ones that coordinate with your wardrobe and style.

Enro’s Masks Can Match Any Outfit

Masking doesn’t have to be boring! By following a few styling tips, your face mask can become a bold accessory that takes your outfit to the next level. Plus, Enro masks do much more than just look good — our ultra-light, breathable materials ensure comfort, while our built-in PM0.1 filter adds a layer of safety to your look.

Explore our expansive collection of best-selling reusable face masks and upgrade your wardrobe today.
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