Tips for Getting Your Child to Wear Their Mask

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After living most of our lives without having to wear a mask whenever we leave home, being expected to mask up when out and about can be a tough transition for anyone to make — especially children. Not only do they tend to be more fidgety and active than we are, they also may not completely understand the importance of wearing their mask, or how to do it properly.

Because of this, it can be difficult for parents and teachers to deal with kids constantly removing their masks, messing with them, and wearing them in all kinds of improper ways like upside down, backwards, or even on their chins and heads rather than over their mouths and noses.

For anyone out there trying to teach their kids how to wear (and keep wearing) their face masks correctly, we have a list of helpful tips to make the process a little easier for everyone.

Find a Face Mask Design They’ll Love

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One of the easiest and most impactful ways you can help your child wear their mask is to get them excited about it with fun, eye-catching designs, like those featured on Enro’s best-selling reusable Fairy Tale and Wild Ones masks, that express their cool sense of style and unique personalities. Whether they’re a huge fan of sharks, draw stars on everything, or dream of becoming a mermaid someday, we have patterns your child will love to wear.

And because your little one always wants to be just like you, we also have matching adult and kids face masks, so you can coordinate with them and make them feel as special as they are.


Educate Your Child on the Importance of Wearing a Mask

Endlessly curious, your child will probably ask “why should I wear a face mask?” at some point, and you should be prepared to give an honest and informative answer. Kids love to understand why they have to do things and hate when they’re told something like “because I said so,” or “because you have to.”

Simply teaching your child that masks are an important tool that helps to stop them and those around them from spreading germs that cause people to get sick can encourage them to continue wearing their masks, even if they don’t want to.

It’s also important to teach your child when it’s okay to take their face masks off — like during meal times, when they’re sleeping, or whenever they feel like it’s hard to breathe — so they feel better knowing they don’t have to wear it 24/7, which can seem very daunting and uncomfortable.


Make Sure They’re Wearing a Comfortable Mask

The most effective children’s face mask is one that your child will actually wear, meaning whatever mask you get for them should be as comfortable as possible. Itchy, rough materials, uncomfortable straps, and a loose, oversized fit can all contribute to an unpleasant mask wearing experience, causing your child to either constantly adjust their mask, or take it off all together.

At Enro, we designed our masks with the softest, most lightweight materials we could find so that wearing our masks is as comfortable as possible. Plus, our bendable nose clip and adjustable ear loops ensure the fit of our masks can be adjusted to fit (nearly) any face. And with our expansive size range that includes both child and adult sizes, we’re sure to have a mask that fits all the littlest faces in your family, so your kids don’t have to deal with loose, oversized masks that don’t give them the comfort and protection they deserve.


Praise & Encouragement 

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Just like any other time your kids behave well, you should reward them for wearing their face masks with positive reinforcement. Even just giving them some verbal praise can be a simple, yet powerful way to encourage them to wear their mask. Who doesn’t like to hear that they’re doing a good job?

Offering rewards can be another great way to incentivize your child to wear and keep wearing their face masks properly. It doesn’t have to be something big — offering more play time while they’re wearing their masks, planning a movie night with snacks and their favorite film, or gifting them something small like a coloring book or stickers can be just what your kid needs to keep them motivated.


Set the Example

Because parents and teachers are often the most influential people in children’s lives, your child will be looking to you as an example for how they should act. This means, if you wear your mask, they’ll be much more likely to wear theirs. Whenever you go out, make sure to put yours on first and help them to put theirs on too, so they understand that wearing a mask is important and see it as the right thing to do.

It’s also imperative that you set a good example for wearing a mask properly, making sure to always wear it over your mouth and nose, so they will too — even when you’re not with them.


Use Visuals

Children are often very visual learners and respond well to watching demonstrations or looking at imagery of how to do something. Incorporating visuals while teaching them about children’s face masks and the proper way to wear them can be a great way to help them learn more quickly and easily how to wear them properly, as well as when they should wear them. Not only will it be easier for them to understand, it will also be more fun and interesting.

Show them some photos of times where it is appropriate for them to wear their masks like being in a classroom, standing in a lunch line, shopping at the grocery store or mall, or even playing on a playground. This will help them recognize these instances in their own lives and associate them with mask wearing.

If they’re having trouble wearing their mask properly, you can also either demonstrate how to wear it properly, or show them photos of other children wearing masks so that they fit correctly — snug to the face, completely covering the mouth and nose. It may even be a good idea to show them a few photos of how not to wear their masks, so they get a better understanding of the dos and don’ts of masking up.

A creative way to reinforce your teaching could be to make a game out of it. Show them imagery of proper and improper mask wearing and have them say if it’s right or not. They’ll remember it better and may even get a few laughs, depending on what imagery you use.


Incorporate Masks Into Playtime

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If your kids only wear their face masks when they absolutely have to — like at school or in the grocery store — they’ll quickly associate mask wearing with not having fun and it may start to feel like a chore. To counteract this, you can normalize mask wearing by encouraging your child to wear their comfortable, breathable Enro kids face masks when you’re playing games at home, or when they’re having play time outside. This way, they have some positive feelings they can connect with wearing their masks and they’ll be more willing to wear them during other times, too.


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Along with distancing, hand washing, and vaccinations, mask wearing is an important tool for curbing the spread of infection in your community, and children should be wearing them, too. We hope these tips are useful in helping to teach and encourage your child to wear and keep wearing their mask properly whenever they have to.

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