Aerolite mask bracket
Introducing Aerolite by Enro
A brand new mask experience is here — Engineered to give you hyper-breathability for high-performance activities, Aerolite is a lightweight frame that fits under your Enro face mask to keep it from sticking to your mouth and nose, so you can mask up with ease and face your day with confidence.
The Perfect Fit
The Perfect Fit
Made to rest securely around your mouth, simply place the frame so it sits from just above the tip of your nose, to the top of your chin for a fit so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it. Aerolite easily stays put all day long, so you can focus on achieving your goals without feeling suffocated by your face mask.
people wearing Enro reusable face masks
mask frame
Breathe Easy, Wherever You Go
Whether you’re focusing on building a “new you” for the year ahead, or have decided to forgo New Year’s resolutions entirely, Aerolite is an essential mask companion that makes it easier to be your best. Breathe well and excel wherever you go: from the office to the classroom to the gym and beyond.