Design Our Next Mask Terms of Service

Valid to any persons aged 18 or older. Contest is in no way endorsed, sponsored, or associated with Instagram. Contest will run through 11:59 PT May 31, 2021. Winner will be announced June 15, 2021. To be considered, contestants must be subscribed to Enro emails and follow @meetenro on Instagram by 11:59 PM PT May 31, 2021. Design submissions must be shared via the Enro mask template. Designs must be submitted via contestant's Instagram story(ies) and/or Instagram feed. Must tag @meetenro in submission. No limits on entries. Top 5 contestants will be chosen by Enro. Finalists will be shared to Enro’s Instagram and voted upon by the general public. Final 1 finalist will be chosen by the general public and the Enro team. Top 2–5 finalists will receive a $100 gift card to use on The top 1 finalist will receive a $250 gift card to use for purchase on The top 1 finalist will also have their winning design produced and manufactured. A sample of the mask will be sent to the finalist free of charge. Finalists will be contacted through Instagram via @meetenro Instagram. Any submitted designs may be used and/or adjusted by Enro. A first place win does not guarantee the winning design will be created and/or sold on The winning designer will not own the design nor will they make any earnings from sale on Enro’s website. Changes to the contest process may occur at Enro’s discretion.