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Face Mask

Breathe easy with our patented 99% filtration. With our 3 layers of built-in protection, you are protected from viruses, bacteria, and particles.

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Personal Care

Gentle protection for everyday use. Our Enro Sanitizing wipes, are alcohol-free with a touch of aloe-vera so you can effectively clean and leave your hands feeling

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Cell Phone Accessoeries

Keeping your smartphone clean and germ-free just got easier. Our cell phone accessories come with an anti-microbial covering that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

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How Our Mask Stack Up

Here at Enro we know that all masks aren’t created equal. Our patented filter with over 99% filtration of bacteria, viruses, and particles, the ability to wash up to 100 times without losing its efficacy and comes in six sizes to ensure the best fit. We believe Enro masks are the best mask you'll ever wear, combining the best of protection, comfort, and style.

Enro N95 Surgical Mask Cloth Mask with No Filter
Virus Filtration Efficiency

(ASTM F2101–19)

>99% 99% 95% 00%
Bacteria Filtration Efficiency

(ASTM F2101–19)

>99% 99% 95% 50%
Particle Filtration Efficiency

(ASTM F2299)

>99% at 0.1μm 99% at 0.1μm 99% at 0.1μm 32.43%
Washable Up to 100 Times

While retaining filtration efficiency

Yes No No No
Anti-Microbial Finish

Treated with SILVADUR™ for protection and odor control

Yes No No No
Water Repellent Finish

Prevents droplet and aerosol penetration

Yes No No No
3D Modeling for Precise Fit

Available in six sizes, XXS-XL

Yes No No No
Resilient Bendable Nose Bridge

Tighter seal to prevent leakage

Yes No No No
Adjustable Nylon Ear Loops

With rounded rubber stoppers

Yes No No No

Tested By Independent Labs According To US Standards


30 count wipes

The 30-count pack of antibacterial hand wipes we offer can be used in almost any setting. Whether you keep them in your car, purse, or at the office, our wipes are a convenient solution for maintaining cleanliness.

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60 count wipes

Our antibacterial hand wipes provide gentle protection for everyday use and effectively eliminate 99.9% of viruses encountered in various settings.

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How Our wipes stack up

Our multi-use antibacterial hand wipes are 100% plant-based and biodegradable. Free of alcohol, parabens, and harsh chemicals found in other hand sanitizing wipes, Enro is a natural alternative that effectively kills 99.9% of everyday bacteria.

How Our cell phone accessories stack up

Access the carefully examined test results for our cell phone accessories, showcasing the outstanding quality and innovative features that elevate your mobile experience to new heights.

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Iphone Case

Keeping your iPhone clean and germ-free can be a lot, but with our antimicrobial phone case we can help provide you a sense of protection and comfort. Every cell phone case comes with an anti-microbial covering that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

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Iphone Screen Protector

Keep your iPhone touch screen safe 24/7 with our anti-microbial screen protector.  Engineered with an antimicrobial coating to protect you by inhibiting the growth of bacteria to keep your phone fresher, cleaner and more durable.

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