Top Places You Should Still Wear a Face Mask

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With vaccinations on the rise and cases declining in many places, some states have begun to lift their mask mandates, allowing fully vaccinated people to venture out in public without their trusty face covering. While this is amazing news that may make some parts of your day feel a little easier and more “normal,” there are still some places that will continue requiring face masks for the foreseeable future.

Whether you’re attending a large event like a concert or conference, visiting a government building, attending an appointment at a health care facility, visiting a loved one in a nursing home, taking a flight somewhere, or riding other forms of public transportation, masks will most likely still be required to keep you and everyone around you safer and healthier.

It’s also important to note that mask requirements are easing up for those that are fully vaccinated. If you haven’t received your COVID-19 vaccine, it’s still highly recommended that you continue to mask up to avoid spreading infection to others.

So, your state is lifting their mandate and you’re ready to get back out there — you may be asking yourself “do I still need to wear a mask?” Consult our trusty list to ensure you’re well prepared for whatever mask requirements your plans may entail, because nobody wants to be the person that forgets their mask when they need it most.

Places You Should Still Wear A Face Mask

While you start to venture out into the world sans mask, keep in mind that these places may still require you to cover your face to help prevent the spread of potentially infectious particles. And while many places are allowing immunized people the freedom to choose if they want to mask up or not, we still recommend wearing one to help keep your community as healthy as possible — especially if you are feeling sick or showing symptoms of viruses like COVID-19.

Travel & Airports

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Some of the most notable places that still require patrons to wear face masks are airports and airplanes. With so many people seated so closely together, masks help to keep passengers as protected as possible. It’s also extremely important to quell the spread of illnesses from place to place.

It’s worth noting that you will most likely be asked to wear your mask for the entire duration of a flight, so you should make sure to pack one that’s as light, comfortable, and breathable as possible — like our best-selling Enro classic face mask. 

Governmental Facilities

Our country is run by a number of agencies and organizations staffed by government employees and officials that provide essential services that can’t be halted under any circumstances. Because of this, many government buildings may ask that you wear a face mask when inside to help keep government officials and employees safe from viruses.

Some of the most common government facilities include:
  • Courthouses
  • Capitol buildings
  • Post offices
  • Embassies
  • Police stations
  • City halls
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices


masks for working out

There are three things you can expect to do at a gym: Breathe hard, sweat, and touch shared equipment. Because of this, they’re a place where germs and illnesses can spread easily, which is why some are still requiring patrons to wear face masks.

Working out is hard enough without having your face covered. Make sure to gear up with the lightest, most breathable mask possible, like our best-selling Enro masks.

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Public Buildings

In addition to government facilities, many other public buildings are also still requiring face masks. Whether you’re planning on attending a church service, or checking out some books at your local library, you should bring a mask with you as they’re still required in many of these places.

For all of the students and faculty out there, most public schools and around half of all public universities are still asking everyone on campus to wear a mask to help keep staff and students as safe as possible. If your little student is in need of a comfortable mask in patterns they’ll love, check out our collection of Enro child sized face masks that are perfect from the classroom to the playground.

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Public Transportation

From planes and trains to (ride sharing) automobiles, crowded forms of public transportation can be a hotbed for germs and illnesses, making masks an essential for riders. Next time you’re planning on taking the bus, subway, or sharing an Uber with a friend, make sure you have your mask handy to help protect yourself and other riders while in close proximity to one another.

The Office

office mask

As we start making our way back into the office and working near our coworkers again, wearing a face mask can be a great way to prevent spreading anything to them. There’s no worse feeling than having a nasty cold and giving it to your entire department! Mask up when you’re not feeling well to help avoid your entire office being out sick at once.

Health Care Settings

Health care facilities like hospitals and nursing homes are some of the places where mask wearing is most important. Not only do they house many hurt, sick, and high-risk individuals, they’re also the workplace of doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals that are essential to saving lives, helping people, and keeping us healthy.

Concerts and Festivals

Last year, many major events were cancelled or went virtual to help keep people protected during the pandemic, and now that things are starting to get better, our favorite concerts and festivals are starting to make a comeback. When planning your outfits for Coachella, Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, or other large festivals in your area, make sure you include a mask to match. Since these events often entail large crowds of screaming/singing fans, masks are an essential to keep you and those around you as safe as possible while jamming out.

Weddings and Celebrations

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Weddings and celebrations like bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers, birthday trips, and more are finally revving up again. Because these functions often have many people attending, stay safe and keep the party going by wearing a mask. And face masks don’t have to be boring — with so many great colors and patterns, Enro has a comfortable, stylish mask for every occasion.

Businesses in Mask Mandated States

Many states are starting to loosen their mask requirements, but some still have mandates in place. Whenever you visit businesses in these states still requiring masks, you’ll be expected to wear one. So, if you’re planning a trip to visit Disneyland, the Museum of Modern Arts, the Smithsonian, or even an out-of-town sports stadium, make sure you have your favorite mask ready to go.

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